Local Social Networking

Prioritize your social health. Visit local settings and earn loyalty rewards for community engagement.

Join your local community today and find healthier ways to connect with friends and businesses in your city!

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For Social Life

Find local deals and create 'moments' to engage with your community or college campus. Share content to earn cash/crypto rewards and health feedback.

Become a micro-influencer and opt in to personalized notifications from local businesses and start earning rewards for your participation. Or, enjoy the fun ad-free!

For Local Businesses

Claim a 'Space' on the map to send push notifications and offer deals that invite more foot traffic. (coupons, menus, promotions, and ticketing)

Incentivize users to host events at your restaurant or venue. Enhance your local brand marketing.

Gain insights from those who opt-in and offer rewards for direct, honest customer feedback. Discover local influencers!

How It Works

Therr uses geo-fence technology to activate content. A 'moment' or 'space' is unique to a particular area and gets activated when you walk by. Your data is never shared outside of the app. Choose how and who to share content with. Public, friends only, specific groups, etc.

Create a moment

Create a Moment

Curate content on the go or while you wait and set a radius of influence. Other users discover 'Moments' when they are within distance.

Create a moment

Claim Your Spaces

'Spaces' are packed with extra features and integrations. A Space is an exclusive, digital area on the map that you can own or trade for cryptocurrency. Use it to promote, share info, and focus an audience on your offerings.

Create a moment

Explore the World

Discover new 'moments.' Check the map or nearby event stream for business 'spaces', schedule or attend 'events,' find and post 'hangouts', and connect with people nearby. Stack up #rewards for each activity.

Main Features

Therr is a unique social platform that connects people through space, even when time is the distance between us. By opting in to business notifications, users start earning money for sharing their content. This is their app!

Find Your Space

On the go? Perfect time to check-in and find local happenings

Capture the Moment

Share your point of view, include some personality, and meet new friends

Customize Interactions

Set the proximity, choose a time, pick your audiences

Check In

Check in with 2 clicks to earn cash rewards are participating local restaurants


Create a story that disappears after 24 hours to promote current events and local culture

Manage Content

Buy & sell 'Spaces', group your favorite moments, and modify your content at any time (regardless of location settings)

Enhanced Influence

Be seen by the markets that really matter to you. No more wasting spend on ads that get overlooked or simply don't reach the customers that matter most.

Intuitive Design

Let's simplify things with an interface that makes marketing logical and straight to the point.

Fine Tune Geotargeting

Decide what is most important to your customers and tune the controls to best match their needs. The feed works to individualize content based on location.

Flexible Updates

Update your promotions at any time. If something's not working for you, change it up and find the best approach.

Accurate Analytics

We take pride in statistics that tell a story. Analytics should guide you toward improved marketing to better results.

User Feedback

Feeback is imperative and required. Hear directly from the customers viewing your promotions!

Common FAQ

New to the app? We got you covered. Our focus is on a good first experience, but if you're still a bit lost, here's what others are asking.

Other social networking sites have become unethical, so we wanted to build something different and entirely for local communities. Therr is not like other social media apps. Find content by going places rather than doom scrolling. Share social moments, schedule posts, send invites for exclusive events, and more. 'Moments' and 'Spaces' can be shared in real-time and discovered by other users later.

To earn cryptocurrency, opt in to geo-targeted push notifications at any time and find interesting events or special offers nearby. In more populated areas, moments are dynamically activated based on your previously expressed interests. We prioritize the moments that you care about most. Add a reaction to record your interest in a post. Recent activity helps our algorithms learn your preferences and improve the next moments we display.

Therr app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. We also have a companion web app for searching and discovering 'Moments' and Events before heading out for the day. Social users can share 'Thoughts' to a global user base or share 'Moments' that local users must discover by traveling through a community. Businesses can claim a digital business space and connect with users when they visit their shop, restaraunt, venue, etc.
Download the mobile app below or checkout the (work in progress) web app here.
The app is still under active development. Keep an eye out for new feature release dates and announcements!
Email us directly at info@therr.com.
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In a pioneering move towards reconstructing online interactions around social health , Therr App proudly introduces its latest feature – "Decentralized Group Chat." This innovative addition aims to revolutionize the way users connect within their communities, fostering local bonds and elevating collective social health. Join us as we delve into the power and potential of Group Chat on Therr App, putting genuine connections at the forefront of the digital experience.

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New Feature: User Achievements

Today we are rolling out a new feature that rewards users for engagement on Therr app. This is an essential piece of the platform that gives back to the community members who help build stronger local connections...

We are excited to announce the next phase of the release of Therr App. Go Therr and follow the links for the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Now Available on Google Play and Apple App Store

After many months of research and development, we're excited to announce the first release of Therr App, a way to build local-first communities through movement and interactions. Follow the links for the early release on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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So It Begins...

It’s day…uhm…not exactly sure, but all I can say is that it’s not day 1. If you’ve ever attempted to start, well anything long-term really, you might already know...This is the story of how Therr app (aka There app) started.

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