News : Early Release

Now Available on Google Play and Apple App Store

After many months of research and development, we're excited to announce the first release of Therr App. Follow the links for the Google Play and Apple App Store.

This is the first version that we are introducing, and there are many expansion features in the works. The current app allows users to connect and share content specific to their location. We believe this approach changes the game when it comes to social networking. Many of you have mentioned a lack of feeling really connected through today's social media. More so, we've noticed many businesses struggling to really connect with users through advertising. Users don't feel a sense of trust and authenticity when scrolling through posts, intermixed with sponsored ads that don't appeal to their direct needs.

“A bigger concern for consumers isn't who is doing the influencing, but whether we can trust the influence they have when it comes to marketing products.” - Forbes

Therr takes these problems and reinvents the mechanism for discovering content. Therr empowers users to decide what content they "activate" from a local perspective rather than some corrupt "algorithm" hand feeding content to keep them "addicted." You decide what content is displayed in the news list by discovering it in the real world. Each post is tied to a location with a set distance for activation. Simply turn on the app and travel around to find 'moments' that are already relevant to you and your community. Also, post media and messages when you discover something that might interest your local connections.

Therr also supports a dynamic set of options to customize your posts from the distance required to activate, the groups who can access a post, and the time that a post is visible on the map. We're working hard to understand what new features and improvements our users want most, so we can prioritize and deliver an experience that feels like a step forward from modern social media. We hope to offer something completely new as a healthy supplement to organic interactions rather than a toxic attempt to replace reality with virtual facade.

We encourage you to leave feedback through the app or reach out directly if you have ideas to improve the experience or questions about the current feature set. We hope you find something great here. Use your imagination, and create content that works for you!

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