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Experience the Magic of Large-Scale Urban Art in Berlin with Therr, Inc. on March 31st, 2023

Berlin is a city that truly embraces the art of the streets, with over 500 large-scale urban art murals scattered throughout the city. If you're an art enthusiast or an urban explorer looking for something new and exciting, then you won't want to miss this walking tour with Real Berlin Tours, in partnership with Therr, Inc., the local-first social networking platform.

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“This Walking Tour is for adventurers and urban explorers who love Art." - Cristobal (guidecris) Guerra

Our tour guide for the day is Cristobal Guerra, an experienced urban art and local history tour guide originally from Spain. With over six years of experience leading tours in London and five years in Berlin, Cristobal is the perfect guide to introduce you to the magic of urban art in the city.

Cristobal Guerra
Wanda Stang Mural in Berlin

On this tour, you'll get to discover some of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in Berlin, all while taking in the stunning murals and installations that adorn the streets. From the colorful and lively Kreuzberg district to the historic and cultural Mitte neighborhood, you'll get to see firsthand the incredible talent and creativity of Berlin's street artists.

But this tour isn't just about the art – it's also about the history and culture of the city. As you walk through the streets with Cristobal, you'll learn about the stories and themes behind each mural, as well as the unique character of each neighborhood you visit.

Thanks to the support of Therr, Inc., this tour is a great opportunity to discover the art and culture of Berlin while connecting with others through the local-first social networking platform. As you explore the city, be sure to use Therr app to share photos and experiences with your fellow tour-goers.

So why wait? Join us on this exciting tour and discover the magic of large-scale urban art in Berlin. The tour will be primarily in English, but Cristobal can also speak Spanish and is starting to learn German, so brief explanations will be given as needed for German customers.

To sign up for the tour or learn more, visit the Real Berlin Tours event page. We can't wait to see you on the streets of Berlin, discovering the art and culture of this vibrant city.

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