Ventures Academy: Learning To Startup

Ventures Academy: Learning to Startup

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I learning this? When will I ever use this knowledge in the real world?" In many cases, you'll be surprised, but in some cases you're right. Standardized education can sometimes just be a way to keep you busy while you're growing up. Maybe it's a necessary evil...or maybe your time could be better spent on a leap year. Ventures Academy, the high school for startups, feels the same way.

“Why am I learning this? When will I ever use this knowledge in the real world?”

This Washington based academy empowers students to discover and take on real startup tech businesses while earning a high school diploma or leap year certificate. Students have the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 businesses and tech leaders where they learn the essentials of coding, data science, product management, marketing, finance, law, and leadership. It makes me wish I had this opportunity growing up.

As a founder of a bootstrapped startup, navigating the rough waters of idea generation, customer aquisition & retention, mobile app development, and seeking investment funding, I often feel like there is no end to the plethora of valuable experiences to be gained. I think the most unique facet of the startup and entrepreneurial, global community is the sheer number of inspiring people willing to share ideas and perspective. Sometimes I feel like I've learned more from participating in the community than I had from many of my college professors. Don't get me wrong, college was an amazing experience as well, but I'm left wondering how much more it would have been if I had the same ideals and diversified cultural point of view that I have now...mostly attributed to the social expansion of connecting with other founders and startup teams.

Ventures Academy and I connected through Twitter, believe it or not. They are one of many organizations that I have been both inspired and intrigued by. I'm optimistic about the bright minds that will emerge and lead future generations. For more information and stories of Ventures Academy, head over to their website.

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