Razum: Lessons Learned

Razum: Lessons Learned

Through our journey as a startup, and in the process of bootstrapping, we connect through various channels with many individuals facing similar challenges. A major influence in our decision making when choosing direction is owed in part to the fellow founders who have either been through the thick of it or currently seek the same guidance we are vigilant of. The startup world is best navigated with support from any and every connection we make. One such aquaintance is Denis Shatalin who's own startup, Razum, is an aggregation of stories and viewpoints from founders and advisors who have built success by learning from what he calls "F*** Ups."

“Flip awful fuckups and scale your startup”

It's not uncommon for successful founders to have first failed many times before building flourishing companies. In fact it's often a red flag when a founder has never failed before because it usually means they have one coming. His app Razum is a chance for innovators to learn from others' failures so they can make fewer mistakes on their path towards building and scaling a company. We're sharing his story, because we've realized that many startups gain traction by building a core user base made up of...you guessed it...other startup founders and team members.

The app gives users a score based on how useful other users have found their stories to be. It gives them a chance to take ownership of their challenges and display confidence in next steps as they carry with them an expanding toolbelt of priceless knowledge. Rather than multipurpose platforms like Reddit where information is scattered across different channels and threads, Razum is a single source of truth for any new or veteran founder to sharpen their perspective.

So, we encourage you to check out Razum if you're a founder or advisor or just have some interest in the culture. There's a wealth of information and many interesting stories to be discovered. Who knows, it may be the moment that sparks your interest and leads to your first effort to start a company.

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